Monday, February 10, 2020

Journal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 34

Journal - Assignment Example instance, in U.S.A Mendoza brings to light how the government passed laws that prohibit doctors from conducting partial birth abortion despite the dangers of dead fetus (Mendoza 625). Mendoza feels that more should be done to reduce miscarriages and abortion incidences and its consequences. She argues that doctors should be more learned in D &Es in removal of dead fetus from the womb without adding on their patients’ complications, which is through maiming respective organs or infections. In doing some research, seeking friends’ opinions and backing up her argument by citing information from CDC. Mendoza learns that more than 66,000 women in the US ought to encounter utter demoralizing and painful abortion experiences mostly between 13 to 20 weeks while other 4000 miscarry each year yet they do not get proper heath care and treatment (Mendoza 625). Mendoza has not deviated from original content where she talks about health and medicine as well as those we studied during last week. She backs up her argument from varied studies’ data like CDC, American Journal where she tells about complications and problems women go through on or before delivering. Hence she believes that women are at a greater risk of partial birth abortion (Mendoza 626). Therefore looking on how Mendoza has argued in this article, based on her personal experience and citing information from other sources she fits properly on other articles on health and medicine that I have read from the past few

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